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Beauty Hacks for Taking Care of Puffiness and Dark Circles

Don’t we all get those annoying questions asking if we are tired? Thanks to the dark circles and puffy eyes that make the face look dull and exhausted. Under-eye bags and dark circles are a few issues that we all have to deal with no matter what. Nowadays, almost everyone is on the roadblock of unhealthy lifestyles, inadequate sleep, and increased screen time which are a few of the primary reasons behind feeling tired, having puffy eyes and dark circles. Do check out list of Ingredient checkers.

When it comes to lessening the appearance of dark circles, knowing the reasons behind these issues is paramount. To get over the very much visible baggy eyes and puffiness, one requires establishing a good skincare routine and fixing the unorganized daily schedule, and providing the skin with much-needed TLC. Banish away the dark circles and puffy eyes with our comprehensive guide that talks about the easy beauty hack for getting a bright-eyed look back using face and skin care accessories.

Best Beauty Routine to Get Rid of Puffiness and Dark Circles

Try Cold Compress 

 Applying a cold compress for a few minutes gives relief from the symptoms like inflammation, puffiness, shrinked pores, and under eyes. If you have ice rollers, you can store them in the fridge and pull them out immediately if needed. Roll it around the face, eyes, neck and use it for getting rid of swollen eyes and dark circles. You can also make your own cold compress at home by placing some ice cubes in a clean piece of cloth, wrapping it nicely, and keeping it on your eyes and skin. Dry the area using a dry towel after use.

Cucumber Slices 

Putting cucumber slices on the eyes to treat face puffiness and swollen eyes is one of the best-known at-home beauty remedies. The majority of people swear by this DIY beauty hack and get rid of stubborn dark circles with fast results. However, sometimes using just raw cucumber is not enough and that’s where cucumber eye gel masks step in! This go-to remedy helps in depuffing the eyes with its incredible cooling properties. To use it cool, place the gel mask in the fridge till it gets chilly, and then place it on your eyes or skin to feel relaxed and cool. It’s known to give instant relief from stress and fatigue.

Take Enough Water & Sleep 

 Puffy eyes and skin could also occur due to the reasons like not drinking adequate water or not sleeping on time. It’s said that enough intake of water helps to flush out the toxins from the body and clears the face by removing dark circles. Apart from water consumption, get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night to release stress and feel fresh. Nothing keeps the eyes fresh and skin glowing more than sleeping on time and waking early. When your mind is relaxed and you follow a constant sleeping routine, under-eye circles eventually reduce and there’s no redness in the eyes.

Facial Massage Tools 

Using facial beauty tools like Facial Rollers is one of the coolest beauty trends in the market these days. Face Rollers are aesthetic beauty tools that are designed to gently massage the face after or before doing skincare which eventually reduces the puffiness. It comes with a good rolling feature that helps with better absorption of skin care products and reduces face puffiness and swelling. The rose quartz face roller brings the best out of the self-care ritual that tones and lifts your face and releases tension with a soothing sensation.

Experimenting with the following beauty tools and tips, you can choose which one works best for you. Maintain consistency for 4 to 6 weeks while following this routine and observe how these hacks work better to treat your eye bags and circles.



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