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5 Major Reasons to Buy Kansa Utensils

Indians refer to bell metal as well as bronze as pure Kansa. With a copper content of 78 percent as well as a tin content of 22 percent, Kansa utensils are indeed an ultra-superior metal that forms pure bronze when heated to 700 degrees Celsius. The manufactured alloy, which is a malleable metal within itself, is further shaped into handmade objects and may acquire various types of finishes, such as matt and glossy, based on the individual’s preferences in terms of aesthetics.

One of the initial metal alloys developed was called Kansa. The Indus Valley’s residents, the Harappans, created it for the first time during the Bronze Age around 5,000 years ago. The amazing thing was that it was precisely this same civilization that generously gave mankind Ayurveda, India’s traditional medical system. In Ayurveda, the East-practicing Science of Wellness and Longevity, the Kansa dinner set is regarded as the curative metal.

Being one of the most durable materials available at that time, Kansa craft allowed the ancestors to produce the best metal tools, religious sculptures, household items, bells & gongs, in addition to weapons and armour. It was a major factor in transforming the old world and it is still quite effective now.

1. Ideal for Eating: Have you recently wondered what metal plate is best for eating food off of? The solution is Kansa utensils! Utilizing bronze plates to consume water and food regularly is thought to improve immunity in addition to cleaning the food and fostering digestive wellness. Your immune system and intelligence are both strengthened by Kansa metal.

2. Facilitates Cooking: Improving your meal experiences is one of the additional significant advantages of using brass utensils while you dine. The meal will stay warmer as well as its contents fuller for a longer amount of time since the Kansa dinner set is indeed a metal that best holds heat.

3. Promotes Fresh Ambience: Metal Kansa utensils are also good for your ambiance. The effectiveness of its components might raise indoor air quality.

4. Extremely Resilient & Recyclable: Because Kansa is scraped, wear, & wrinkle resistant, it may be used daily. Even after a couple of decades of careful maintenance, you will discover that they are still in excellent condition. Additionally, as approximately a 90percent of all bells metals can be recycled, it retains value also after suffering the worst damage.

5. Good for Brain: Kansa is praised for its healing properties and for sharpening our brain in the Sanskrit term Kansyam Buddhivardhakam, which extols its benefits. Regular use strengthens immunity & helps avoid disease.

How to recognize Kansa’s purity?

It should produce a resonant sound similar to that produced by temple chimes, which produce spiritual vibrations, to determine the quality of the metal. Due to their resistance to corroding, pure Kansa utensils are simple to maintain because it does not corrode like copper and brass. However, extended exposure to moisture and air will cause it to acquire its richness.


Due to its adaptability, it may be expertly molded into goods with a variety of designs and textures. Kansa dinner set metalwork is often used for drinking water and consuming meals because of its therapeutic powers. You can buy Kansa set from Amala Earth for a solution to the sustainable lifestyle.



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