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5 Best Ways to Stay Warm and Cosy When Camping

Whether you are partying at a festival or exploring treacherous terrain on a hiking trip, a comfortable rest is vital. There are a range of sleeping options available for outdoor enthusiasts  that ensure a comfortable and cosy place to lay your head at night.

When you are camping, the last thing you need is to be freezing cold or uncomfortable all night. Sleeping bags offer essential insulation for sleepers in colder weather environments – but they can only do so much on their own. With the right preparation and knowledge, you can better your sleeping bags ability to keep you cosy while camping.

Take a look at these 5 tips for staying warm while camping.

5 ways to keep warm while camping 

  1. Select the correct sleeping bag

When it comes to keeping warm while camping, choosing the right sleeping bag for adults is vital. It’s important to note that not all sleeping bags are created the same – some are warmer and cosier than others. Sleeping bags also have what is known as a temperature rating, and this tells you how low of a temperature the bag is able to keep you warm. Sleeping bags offer a comfort rating as well – this refers to the temperature that a cold sleeper or the average person can sleep through the night without waking up. Another rating to look at is the lower limit rating – which is the temperature that a warmer sleeper can sleep through the night.

Pay attention to these ratings so that you can select the right sleeping bag for your body temperature and your environment.  If you’re camping in colder weather, choose a multi-season winter sleeping bag that is rated for cold weather camping. In the same breath, if you’re backpacking in hot weather, select a lightweight sleeping bag that will keep you cool and comfortable. 

  1. Use a sleeping pad

If you find that you are always cold in your sleeping bag, one of the most effective ways to keep yourself warm is with a sleeping pad. A good quality and well insulated sleeping pad will keep the cold ground from stealing the heat from under you. The insulation of your sleeping bag is only as powerful as the insulation beneath it. Without a good sleeping pad, the ground will take your heat and make you feel a lot colder than necessary. Sleeping pads come with R-values which measure the materials resistance to heat flow – and the higher the R-value – the greater the insulation. Essentially, a sleeping pad with a low R-value won’t keep you warm. 

As with sleeping bags, select a sleeping pad with an R-Value that will keep you warm and is suited to the weather you will be camping in. 

  1. Use a sleeping bag liner

If you are camping in colder weather – a sleeping bag liner will help you stay warm. These liners fit inside your sleeping bag and are designed to regulate your body temperature for the better. Not only will a sleeping bag liner keep you warm – it will protect you from the elements. Sleeping bag liners are usually made with synthetic fabrics but can also include a layer of bug repellent – protecting you from insects. 

There are a variety of sleeping bag liners on the market so select the liner that suits your sleeping bag and your needs – and make sure to get one that is the right size for your sleeping bag.

  1. Make Use of Your Sleeping Bag’s Features

Sleeping bags come with a variety of features that can be used to make for a more comfortable and warm snooze. Make use of these features to keep yourself comfortable at night. 

For example, mummy shaped sleeping bags come with an insulated hood to keep your head warm and the hood cinches down so that your face is the only part of your body that is exposed. Many mummy sleeping bags also come with a pillow or a place for you to place your own camping pillow – make sure to use these extra features because they are part of the design for a reason. 

No matter the style of sleeping bag you choose – experiment with the different features it offers and see what works best for you. By taking advantage of your sleeping bag’s design, you’ll stay warm and cosy all night long.

  1. Invest in thermal base layers

Of course, one of the best ways to make sleeping outdoors more comfortable is to wear thermal layers. This kind of clothing is expertly designed to keep you warm. Thermal base layers are usually made of thin but warm material and will make you feel comfortable and cosy throughout the night. 

Layering up with some quality thermal layers will help trap in your body heat as you sleep and thermal underwear will make a world of difference when trying to sleep through a cold camping night. 



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