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What are the Reasons to Buy a Doorbell Camera?

With the development and rise of the smart home, the traditional smart home has been slowly eliminated, and as a smart home entry-level product, there are many manufacturers on the market to make a more intelligent doorbell compared to the traditional doorbell. So the next article will introduce you to buying a doorbell camera reasons are.

Reasons to Buy A Doorbell Camera

Improving Security

One of the favourite things that differentiate a visual doorbell from other doorbells is that you can remotely monitor all the developments in front of your home, which is actually equivalent to having smart surveillance on the doorbell. Don’t underestimate this function, when you go out, you can see from your mobile phone to see whether suspicious people are staying at your door, which can help you to a large extent to play a preventive function of burglary. On top of that, with AI technology and sophisticated algorithms, the doorbell camera can intelligently detect body types and facial patterns. Ensuring that you are only alerted when someone other than a stray cat is at the door not only improves the security of your home but also prevents a lot of misunderstandings. If a stranger staying or lingering at the door then you will also be notified in time on the mobile phone side, of course, the sensitivity level of this is divided into high and medium and low to achieve more accurate detection. At the same time, you can also register the visitor’s identity in the APP terminal, so that it will not send you a message for no reason, so that you can work at ease.

Easy Installation

Many visual doorbells are also very simple in terms of installation, and there are usually two methods for you to choose from. One is to fix it with the strong adhesive that comes with it. The process of this type of installation is very simple. You just need to tear off the film and stick it in the right place to install it, and many of these products advertise this strong adhesive as being very strong and the equivalent of a nail, which can also make you feel reliable. The second is fixed with screws, which require you to pick a good location first, and then reinforced with the four collision screws that come with it, which is a troublesome process but extremely firm. These installation methods you can completely choose according to the situation inside your home as the installation process is also easy to understand.

High Battery Durability

The doorbell camera systems have been tested to last up to 180 days on a fully charged battery under the most common conditions, which means that you won’t need to worry about it running out of power for half a year and not being able to keep your home safe. This is very convenient for those of you who are busy with work and study, as you don’t have to constantly worry about determining whether it has a charge or not. Moreover, this data was tested under the condition of 20°C temperature, 10 motion detection per day, and 20 seconds recorded each time motion is detected. And the battery life varies depending on the number of detected movements, recording duration and ambient temperature. Anyway, the official claim is that it only needs to be charged twice a year, that is, once every six months, so that you can say goodbye to the troubles caused by charging from now on. It’s also very convenient when it comes to charging as there is an obvious charging port right next to the doorbell.


This kind of visual doorbell is still very good, both in terms of the installation process and operation are simple and easy to understand, and remote visual call, stay and wander alarm, doorstep movement push, family visitor identification and other features ensure that your living safety has been greatly enhanced, can be called your loyal home guardian!



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