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Electric Humidor VS Acrylic Humidor

Types of Humidor

Miscellaneous types of humidors are available; nevertheless, let’s take an additional countenance to cover all varieties. Two key characteristics can assist select the different sorts of the humidor. Electric, Acrylic.

How Do Humidors Work?

A good humidor has everything you need to keep your cigars under proper conditions. More than just a box, a high-quality cigar humidor has several important parts to provide perfect climate command inside.

Acrylic Humidor

The best acrylic humidors provide an airtight seal. And because acrylic is non-porous, it accomplishes engross moisture or requires seasoning like a traditional cedar box. Place your humidification source inside with your cigars and snap the lid shut. It doesn’t get any easier than that. An acrylic humidor is the equivalent of a Ziploc bag that never wears out. Choose a strong acrylic. A thick, clear finish is most reasonable. The soft flexible variety scratches easy, is likely to crack, and won’t provide an ideal seal. You can store your cigars for 12 months in a maintenance-free environment.

A classic cedar humidor is better for long-term storage and aging cigars. A cigar’s flavor will improve and evolve in a cedar box. A stark acrylic environment won’t encourage your cigars to mature over time. Count a few sheets of cedar to your acrylic humidor for best results.


As acrylic is transparent, keep the humidor away from direct sunlight. Light will fade your cigars and exhaust your humidification source more quickly. Light also raises the temperature inside an acrylic humidor. Recurring fluctuation in temperature and humidity is bad for premium handmade cigars because it causes them to expand and contract, which interferes with a cigar’s construction.

Electric Humidor

Electric humidors use the power of an electronic humidifier. Since this is powered by electricity, they are frequently used with larger humidifiers and stationary humidifiers. However, it requires power (often a standard outlet) for proper operation. The electric Humidor is the best option for storing your cigars.

Points To Keep In Mind for Electric Humidor

Using an electric humidor will help preserve your cigars for a long time. Here are a few bits of advice you can follow:

  • Fill up your humidifier with water to ensure that the humidor is kept at the moisture level.
  • Do not use tap water for humidifying your humidor. Always make use of propylene glycol for refills to prevent the formation of sediments.
  • The hygrometer should be checked every week to keep the relative humidity at 70-80%.


This brings our guide to cigar humidors to an end. By now, you would have comprehended how cigar humidors work, and how essential they are if you want to store your cigars and enjoy them for a long term. If you have never heard or read about cigar humidors before today, this article would help you know everything you must to choose the best one for yourself. Choosing the right humidor is crucial for storing and preserving both store-bought and self-rolled cigars. If you prefer to roll your own cigars, learn more about natural leaf wraps you can use for enhanced smoking experience.



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