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3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Car in the Summer

How often should I change my oil, filter, brake pads, or tires? What should I do after changing them? How long should I wait before driving? These questions are common during the summertime. 

The hot climate means you’ll need to take extra precautions to ensure you always have good performance from your vehicle.

Summertime is known as the season for road trips. Whether you’re traveling across the country or just visiting family, you want to make sure your car performs at its best. 

During the summer months, temperatures rise and humidity increases. This means your air conditioning and heating systems will struggle to keep your car cool and comfortable.

You can take several steps to improve your vehicle’s performance during the summer. 

By taking these simple measures, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip without worrying about your car malfunctioning. 

You’ll also be able to sell your car in UAE without hassle!

1- Clean Your Car’s Exterior

The summertime is the time when we drive our cars everywhere. However, once the summer comes, our vehicles tend to get dirty faster than any other season. 

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars each month on cleaning products, you should research the best way to clean the dirt off your car’s exterior without spending much money. Here are some tips for doing just that!

First, you must wash your vehicle thoroughly before it dries. Once the water has dried out, use a good quality car shampoo and give your car a thorough scrubbing. 

Make sure you apply shampoo throughout the whole vehicle, including the windows and doors. After that, use a microfiber cloth to remove all the excess soap left behind after washing. 

Do not forget to dry everything completely and make sure you have cleaned both sides of the car, especially the wheels.

Next, you need to use good-quality wax to protect your car. Use a multi-purpose car wax since it works well on many surfaces, including rubber, plastic, metal, glass, and wood. 

Remember to keep waxing the car periodically, so its protective layer remains intact and doesn’t peel away. You should always wax your vehicle at least twice a year, depending on how often you park your car outside.

2- Keep Your Car Cool

This summer, don’t get in a hot car and start driving. Instead, focus more on keeping cool by using the air conditioner and opening the windows before you start driving.

When you start driving, it’s usually recommended that your car’s temperature stay around 60°.

If you live somewhere where there’s a lot of humidity during the summertime, you may want to adjust the air conditioning and make the temperature cooler. This will help you avoid sweating while driving. 

3- Practice Safe Driving

Driving is stressful, especially if you live somewhere with bad drivers. To ensure that you stay safe while driving, make sure that you follow the rules of the road. Always wear your seatbelt and never drink alcohol while driving. 

You should also know where you can pull over safely if something happens. Even though you might feel like you are going slowly, you shouldn’t change lanes suddenly as this may lead to dangerous situations. 

If you have children, it is strongly advised to buckle your child’s safety seats for protection. Avoid distractions such as talking on the phone or listening to music since they may distract you from what’s happening in front of you.

Driving safely isn’t just important for your health. If you undergo a car valuation in Dubai, your car will be worth a lot more.



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