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How to Prevent Mouse Infestations?

Mice can harm your home and even endanger your family’s health by spreading infections. According to research, there is currently one mice in the US for every human. These resilient animals can live anywhere, and they can adapt to whatever environment they find themselves in. They can live in deserts, jungles, mountains, and plains, and they can even thrive in cities!

Although mice are adept at building homes in the wild, they will gladly enter a warm home if given a choice. You can contact mouse control Perth to get rid of them. These are the three main interior mouse-attracting factors.

  • Shelter 

Mice enter homes searching for warmth and refuge as the weather turns chilly and winter arrives. Mice can squeeze through holes because they’re so tiny.

  • Food

For mice to survive they need food. They will therefore establish themselves where they can find food.

  • Nesting Supplies

To raise their young, mice build nests. They like soft materials and fabrics like shredded paper and cotton. 

How Can I Tell Whether Mice infest my Home?

Despite being little, mice tend to leave quite substantial traces. Seek out these unmistakable indications of a rodent infestation:

  • Scratches and chew mark around food packages and on shelves. Additionally, you can see obvious scratches on the baseboards or around the floor trim.
  • Food crumbs or debris in unexpected places, such as the middle of the floor, on the shelves, or in the pantry.
  • Mouse excrement, which resembles tiny, oblong pellets. These are frequently found in the corners of rooms, behind cupboards, behind sinks, and well-travelled mouse pathways. To more easily see droppings, use a flashlight.
  • Nests are created from soft, shredded materials such as textiles, paper, pet hair, string, or other materials.
  • Squeaking or scratching sounds in the walls at night.
  • Unusual pet actions like scratching, pawing, or barking at or under equipment. This can signify that your animals are aware of a pest problem.

Ways to Get Rid of Mice

You can get rid of the mice in your house by following ways.

  • Each day, mice only require a fair bit of food. Take away from your home the meals they enjoy eating.
  • To stop mice from locating soft goods to utilize as nesting materials, all fabric, carpets, and blankets should be kept in robust plastic storage cases.
  • Mice will enter when the temperature decreases. Use stoppers to patch up small gaps in your house to keep them out.
  • Hardware and home goods retailers sell live traps. Please place them in areas where you’ve seen mouse activity, then lure the mice there with popcorn, cheese, or peanut butter.


A mouse infestation can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, the staff at mouse control Melbourne can assist you in recognizing and resolving mouse issues, giving you back your space permanently. Their firm assists Melbourne’s residential and business buildings in getting rid of mice and securing their area. They also collaborate with businesses to eliminate mice in an environmentally responsible manner.



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