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How to Take Product Photos

Let’s face it: It’s 2022, and the days of sitting inside a retail shop and hoping customers will come your way are gone. As an entrepreneur, it’s now your job to draw in those potential customers and get them to pick your product out from everything else.

That means it’s time for you to have your very own website and social media accounts, and part of that experience is product photography. But maybe you aren’t quite sure how to take product photos.

Luckily, product photography is simpler than most would think. Here are a few things you should keep in mind the next time you’re getting ready to capture photographs of your products.

Establish an Aesthetic

When it comes to product photography tips, establishing an aesthetic is key. Choose a color palette that is consistent with your product and brand identity.

Look at other photography and brands online. What stands out? How can you create a mood board or samples board that reflects what you’re trying to achieve with your product photography? Consider your composition. Do you want to focus on the product alone, or do you want to include context?

Consider Lighting Conditions

In order to get great product photos, you need to consider the lighting conditions. Natural lighting is often one of the best photography tricks, so set up your product in a well-lit area.

If you can’t use natural light, try using a softbox and a diffuser for the best light. A tripod is a great tool to use for stability and reducing camera shake.

If you’re using artificial sources of light, it might be a good idea to balance the colour temperature of the light to match the white balance of the camera. This can reduce unwanted color casts on the product.

Compose Your Photos

Composing your photos when taking product photos is the key to grabbing the viewers’ attention. Before you take the actual product photo, you should take a few general shots of the room to get a feel of the space and atmosphere.

Use the rule of thirds and place the product either on the left or right side of the photo or slightly off-center. Learn about photoshop blur background to ensure the focus is always on the product and de-emphasize the background.

Utilize Props

A great way to start is to find props that will complement or offset the product in a creative way. Try focusing on props that are in neutral tones in order to keep attention on the product. Place the props in the background of your photo and arrange them to create an eye-catching composition.

Additionally, adding props that are related to the product’s category or theme can be a great way to help convey their purpose or show how they may be used in everyday life. Utilizing strategic props in product photos will allow for creative, eye-catching content that will draw in customers and attract more interest.

Professional Product Photography Guide

Taking product photos can be done efficiently with a few simple steps and the right equipment. The result is professionally taken product photos that draw attention to the products being sold. Don’t forget to practice and experiment to get the desired shot. Try it out for yourself and start taking stunning product photos now!

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