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What are the benefits of blue light glasses?

The most common source of blue light is sunlight, and most individuals are exposed to it when they are outside. Indoors, however, there are many artificial sources of blue light emitted from digital screens which can impact the body’s natural cycle, particularly sleep. Fortunately, blue-light-blocking glasses are a way to filter this light and protect against its harmful effects.

Do you realize how much time you spend each day staring at a computer screen? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even think about it. 

The adverse effects of blue light

What is blue light, exactly? On the light spectrum, the light with the shortest wavelength is captured by the eye. Exposure to blue light for long periods can cause eye discomfort and impact sleep. 

Our eyes consume a considerably greater amount of blue light than in a natural environment, which has many negative influences.

  • Visual fatigue and dry eyes
  • Disruption of sleep cycles
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Mental and physical fatigue

Blue light, in general, has the impact of shortening sleep intervals and increasing waking times during the night.

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

 Screen exposure and the light it emits is a relatively new study area. The benefits of blue light glasses will substantially improve your quality of life, from enhancing your sleep to maximizing your concentration. Blue light spectacles improve your sleep and well-being by reducing eye strain. Blue-blocking lenses have numerous advantages for men, women, and even gamers.

Research has demonstrated significant gains in sleep by reducing insomnia and boosting mood in roughly half of the bipolar patients who wear blue light filtering glasses. People with bipolar disorder who used these spectacles for weeks saw unexpected improvements. Compared to individuals who used conventional glasses, those who wore blue-light protective glasses for seven days reported a significant improvement in symptoms. Furthermore, the benefits began to appear after only three days of use.

The good news is that blue light filtering glasses can help you avoid the harmful effects of blue light. They assist restore excellent sleep and a more natural body rhythm by filtering this light. There is evidence that wearing blue-light-blocking glasses before bed can help you sleep better, especially if you frequently look at screens before bed, as blue light is known to delay sleep.

They also have the advantage of not dimming your eyesight because they absorb blue light while allowing longer wavelength light to reach your eyes.

To summarize

The retina receives all visible blue light that passes through the cornea and lens. It’s similar to you wearing sunglasses that block UV rays protecting the eye’s retina from damage. If you spend a lot of time in front of a screen, zFORT® Blue light blocking glasses from SmartBuyGlasses can help. Finally, ask us questions in the comments section if you need additional information.



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