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How To Find A Good Quality Full Spectrum CBD?

CBD is transitioning into a proper supplement from being just a cannabis product. Its medical benefits now have hundreds of research works backing it. Though the FDA’s approval is not with CBD, we expect that to change soon too.

Out of many CBD products, full spectrum CBD products have gained a steady following. Containing all terpenes and cannabinoids of hemp, users believe that it enhances the overall benefits of CBD. But to avail of them, you must find the best full spectrum CBD- find out how.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD is an unfiltered hemp extract that contains all cannabinoids in the plant. CBD isn’t the only compound in the full-spectrum extract- it also has THC and many other terpenes.

You would wonder why people would prefer such a product over pure CBD. However, scientists have discovered a phenomenon named the “entourage effect.” It is when all terpenes and cannabinoids combined with CBD interact with our endocannabinoid system. It results in more intense benefits and healing properties of CBD.

Hence, most users prefer full spectrum or broad-spectrum products over CBD isolate. Manufacturers use Full spectrum CBD extract to make products like oils, tinctures, balms, edibles, etc.

How To Search for The Best Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD is a powerful supplement but hasn’t received formal approval. It means that users must use them of their own volition. One disadvantage here would be customers searching for the right product.

Due to the lack of approval, the buyer must determine the product quality. However, it is not a tedious process- anyone can do it. You can follow some steps to ensure that your product is the best.

Here are some ways you can ensure that your full spectrum CBD product is high-quality:

Read Ingredient List

The ingredient list on any product gives insight into its components. You would find an ingredient named full spectrum CBD extract in full spectrum CBD. It could also have the name “hemp extract.”

It means that unfiltered hemp extract is present in the product. It would also show you any excess flavoring agents or unwanted ingredients. If you see such an ingredient, you can search its name to see its role.

Check For THC And Terpenes

Sometimes full-spectrum products have this information on the ingredient list, and sometimes they don’t. THC, other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids should be present in your full spectrum product.

They would be responsible for enhancing the scientifically proven benefits of CBD through the “entourage effect.” Hence, you must not skip this step and read the ingredients or lab reports of the product to understand.

Find Lab Reports

Third-party lab reports or even self-test reports can show the quality of the product. Reading a lab report might seem like a bothersome step, but it is essential to understand if your product is safe or not.

The lab reports show all the quality tests and issues with the product. And it is not limited to the quality of the final product. These reports can even show if the plant the extract comes from had any pesticides. Overall, it can provide accurate information regarding product quality and efficiency.

Read Customer Reviews

Products that do not have a governing body regulating their quality tend to be a gamble. Since anyone can produce and sell such products, there are both good and bad ones. And the best advice you can get on these products is through people.

Users who have bought the product would leave reviews and ratings on the sites. These reviews can help you determine the efficiency of the product. They can also shed light on what issues people use them to treat and if it would be helpful to you. Of course, you must not believe them blindly, but they could help you determine their quality along with the other steps.

Read Brand Claims

Finally, you must also understand the brand and what it is advertising. As of now, you won’t see public advertisements for the items. However, even in the direct advertisements, the brand statements say a lot about them.

Some brands claim that CBD can “cure” issues. However, that is a false claim as only one CBD medicine has the needed approval. You can avoid companies making such claims and stick to brands that advertise the full spectrum of CBD as a supplement.

Is Full Spectrum CBD Better Than Other Types of CBD?

There has been a long debate regarding the efficiency of CBD extracts in the market. Some users firmly believe that CBD isolate is the purest, thus, the best product. Other people believe that the additional terpenes and cannabinoids make the products more efficient.

However, there is no clear answer to this debate. Multiple studies have explored the benefits of CBD and found promising results. Other studies have found preliminary evidence supporting the “entourage effect.”

However, critical and concrete evidence is yet to come regarding full spectrum CBD. For now, users can use whichever product they feel better using. Since the effects are not too far off each other, both would work well.

Is It Safe to Use Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD extracts have all the constituents of industrial hemp. However, this sometimes also includes some THC present naturally in the plant. THC often concerns people due to its tabooed reputation.

THC is a psychoactive compound that often causes “highs” and temporary cognitive impairment in users. But what people often miss is that THC does so in larger quantities. And in industrial hemp, THC levels are 0.3% to sometimes even zero.

Hence, even full-spectrum CBD products would not cause “high” after consumption. They would also not yield any side effects which users may dislike. Studies have backed the safety profile of CBD multiple times before.


CBD products have been the talk of the town recently, but they have still not received the necessary recognition. As users wait for approval- they continue to buy the products for their health issues.

Hence, they need to determine the efficiency and quality of the items on their own. Users can pick out ideal products by checking a few aspects of the products. So, if you’re considering buying some full-spectrum products- you can keep the above tips in mind.



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