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How to Be More Organized During Your Next Web Development Project

Web development usually has a lot of moving parts which can make it hard to stay organized.

Whether it be the beginning stages, moving things along in the middle, or finishing strong, staying organized is an important part of being successful from start to finish.

To help ensure that you are good to go on your next web development project, we’ve rounded up the best methods for staying organized right here. Read on for everything to know.

Set a Strong Foundation

It’s impossible to carry out a project successfully when you’re beginning on the wrong terms.

That’s why it is so important to begin the process on the right foot with clearly outlined goals and pathways forward. With these things in place, it is much easier to keep organized from the start.

Imagine you had a destination to get to and were provided no guidance on how to get there. Only the end goal. The path forward would surely be difficult and disorganized.

On the other hand, if you were given a clearly defined map of how to get to that end goal, the process would be much easier. The same goes for your web development project.

Implement a Project Management Software

With a solid plan in mind, you can get started. One of the greatest tools for keeping everyone on track and working toward the same goal is project management software.

There are a number of options out there, from task-oriented systems like Trello to communication options like Slack, Google Suite, and Basecamp.

The point of these programs is to have a method for management that keeps all parties on the same page.

The last thing you want to do is have a string of directions on one platform in one place and then another somewhere else.

This can make the process of actually finding important info extremely complicated.

Set a Schedule with Deadlines

Rather than allowing your web development team to run aimlessly with their tasks, try setting a schedule with obtainable deadlines to meet.

If you can also set motivating goals, such as if X is all done by X, we will have catered lunch next week, then that also helps to keep motivation high and keep you meeting the markers that matter.

If your team is consistently missing important deadlines, things can quickly become chaotic, with success taking a hit.

While it’s tempting to not over-manage or let people work on their own, especially with remote work groups, it’s even more important to continue on the right path forward for success.

Encourage Consistent Updates

If everyone on a team is keeping to themselves, the rest of the team is essentially working in the dark.

Important markers and updates are missed, which can lead to work being stalled or, worse, the same people addressing the same task. Instead, encourage team members to consistently send emails on progress without being overbearing.

For example, a quick end-of-the-day check-in may be helpful to see where everyone is at. Is EOD too often?

Consider enforcing a once-a-week check-in or Monday and Friday check-in to begin and end the week on the right foot. The last thing you want is for a team to feel like they’re on their own and operate accordingly.

Equip Them With the Right Tools

The right tools can make all the difference in keeping a team successful and organized.

In addition to proper project management software, you’ll want to ensure you have adopted the right tools to keep your team successful.

For web developers, that might mean having a website feedback tool like BugHerd to automate more of the process.

It might also mean adopting some of these helpful web development tools like Sublime Text and Sketch. The needs of your individal team will completely depend.


Becoming more organized will require a little work up front, but the benefits will be long-lasting.

Plus, establishing good habits early on helps to keep your team productive and performing at its fullest potential.

Hopefully, this list provided insight into a few helpful changes to make, but the reality is what works for one team will look different for another.

Try experimenting with the approaches you take to ensure your team is as strong and organized as possible.



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