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What are the features of honor 90 5g camera?


What do you look for in a smartphone? No points for guessing, it has to be the camera of the smartphone. Nowadays, people are more into photography and videography and they need to have a good camera phone. We got our eyes on honor 90 5g recently and we are hooked. The camera of this smartphone has got some of the interesting and updated functions that a person finds in a camera. This blog mainly focuses on the camera of Honor 90 5g along with the other aspects of its functioning and performance.


An insight into the working of Honor 90 5g:

Honor 90 5g is quite impressive in its performance and the credit for the high-energy performance goes to the incorporation of highly advanced technological features in it.

Honor 90 5g has been developed with the first generation Snapdragon 7, Magic OS 7.1, and Adreno 644 GPU.

Design and display of Honor 90 5g:

The design of the Honor 90 5g symbolizes the classic Honor design with a touch of modern design. All the colors available in this smartphone are equally captivating and the phone is slim.

The display of the Honor 90 5g is quite interesting as the screen size is 6.7 inches and the screen type is OLED. The screen supports 1.07 billion colors and multiple touchpoints (up to 10). The maximum screen resolution of Honor 90 5g is 2664 × 1200 pixels. The screen aspect ratio of Honor 90 5g is 19.98:9.

The camera of Honor 90 5g:

A lot of talks about the Honor 90 5g camera are revolving around and that makes us discuss its functions in detail.

Rear camera

The triple rear camera of Honor 90 5g has a high resolution:

Main camera: 200 MP and f/1.9

Ultra-wide angle: 12 MP and f/2.2

Depth: 2 MP and f/2.4

There are diverse functions shooting functions of the rear camera which are:

Voice-activation feature, dynamic photo, ultra-wide angle, HDR video and photo, slow-motion, depth, portrait, time-lapse, high-pixel feature, filter, watermark, and document scanning.

The rear camera supports 16256 × 12192 pixels photo resolution and a maximum of 10x zooming.

Front Camera

The selfie camera of Honor 90 5g is 50 MP and f/2.4. And the front camera image resolution is 8160 × 6112 pixels and supports 0.8x and 1x focal length.

The shooting functions of the front camera of Honor 90 5g include high-resolution, watermark, voice activation feature, night mode, selfie mirroring, and timer.


Wrap up:

A closed and detailed review of the functioning of the camera and the other features of honor 90 5g is given in this article. The camera of this smartphone is perfect for those who are into vlogging and shooting. The camera has got a line-up of updated functions which we have already mentioned above. Other than that, other noticeable features of Honor 90 5g are also discussed in detail above. So, if you are a camera person and love to take pictures and videos, you can consider buying Honor 90 5g because it has got a great camera.



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