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15 Cool Birthday Instagram Ideas in 2022

Birthdays offer us an opportunity to express our love and appreciation for the presence of special ones in our lives. Technology has only improved it because we can now etch those moments in memory by personalizing our messages with unique and intimate birthday wishes videos. 

If you have friends and family on Instagram with upcoming birthdays, keep reading to find out how you can amaze them on their special day. But first, let’s check out how to make creative happy birthday video wishes.

Doratoon – The Best Tool for Creative Birthday Video Wishes 

Doratoon is a convenient creator of beautiful Insta Story videos. It comes with templates that give you ideas to get started on making birthday videos. This video presentation tool makes it easy to produce professional birthday videos with its variety of creative and attractive elements. Even if you have no professional experience, Doratoon helps you develop birthday video messages like a pro with its smooth application processes and user-friendly interface. 

Why Use Doratoon for Instagram Videos 

With Doratoon, creating Instagram Story happy birthday videos is a simple affair for the following reasons:


Background images. Doratoon provides 2D and 3D background images with which you need little creativity to make delightful birthday wishes videos.

Easy sharing. Doratoon allows saving video content in multiple formats, facilitating a smooth transfer to different social media. 

Editing tools. It’s relatively easy to attain the appropriate look in your video wishes using filters and blurring effects and altering the opacity levels. 

Stock props. You can also make it exciting by leveraging the available stock props to highlight the recipient’s career.

Stock video clips and photos. Doratoon helps you make a video within minutes by customizing the ready-made templates to meet your expectations. 

Soundtrack music. Infuse nostalgia and rekindle memories by picking a royalty-free tune or importing and editing your videos in a few clicks. 

Steps in Creating Instagram Birthday Wishes Videos

Doratoon kickstarts your campaign within minutes by establishing a straightforward process of producing birthday videos on Instagram.

  1. Create an account with Doratoon.
  2. Go to Create New Video.
  3. Select a video template of your choice or import one. 
  4. Customize it with animated characters, stock props, and editing effects.
  5. Trim the video and resize it to meet Instagram requirements. 
  6. Name your video and click Export to choose the appropriate saving format.

Happy Birthday Ideas for Instagram 

We have compiled a list of birthday ideas for Instagram, so your friend and family’s birthday gets special shoutouts:

Compliment their achievements.

Everybody has successes and failures in life that define their personality over time. If you have a photo or video of the birthday boy/girl doing something they excel in, post it as part of your Instagram story. State how that inspires and makes you proud to be their friend. 

Deliver a Virtual Cake.

If distance poses a problem or time is of the essence, making it problematic to deliver cakes in real life, consider a virtual one. You can post a GIF and include thoughtful captions using the subtitle feature in Doratoon. Keep introducing new styles on each subsequent slide for extra points.

Funny Video Serenade. 

Accompany your video with original soundtracks of your friends singing the “Happy Birthday” song. You can import and compile group videos or have each record and post each clip to your story. This idea mainly applies to people who have been estranged or are trying to create an impression. 

Include a Cameo Appearance.

Hit the jackpot by including a personalized message from one of the recipient’s favorite people. You can order personalized messages from celebrities online from sites like Cameo. Doratoon enables importing, editing, and sharing footage and images on Instagram in simple steps.     

Instagram Story Surprise. 

Birthday surprises should not be subject to the presence of people. If you aren’t in a position to be part of your friend’s surprise party, you can create a virtual one. Post images with a caption inviting them to tap for a surprise, then throw the surprise after a few slides. 

Send a Virtual Birthday Card.

You can also exercise your creativity and imagination by drawing a card for your friend. Doratoon lets you personalize with colors and lines, blurring effects and filters, and the ability to change opacity levels to make your point. That way, you can capture a moment in time and the feelings involved.

Propose a Virtual Game.   

Everybody loves games during a birthday celebration. Start a card game with personalized templates filled with common quirks of the birthday boy/girl, and post your story blank. Other friends can then repost with new quirks or cross out the ones they have witnessed.    

Spell Out “HBD” Using Insta Stories 

Accompany each slide with a special message derived from one of the letters of their name or by spelling out happy birthday. However small a gesture this may appear to be, the recipient will surely appreciate your efforts knowing the creativity and amount of thought it took to create the slides.      

Compile a Collage of their photos. 

Have the birthday boy/girl reflect on the ups and downs of their lives with images of them on different occasions. That could be images tracking them through the years to show them how long they have come. It could also be photos depicting them in different situations to remind them the best is yet to come.   

Incorporate Decorative Art.

If the recipient likes certain art forms, you can include pictures, paintings, and patterns in your stories. Decorative art provides memorable background images to your Instagram posts and stories as frames for the images. 

Add Pictures of the Two of You. 

Produce an iconic Instagram video with pictures of you and them at different stages of your lives. You can edit with filters, blurring effects, and opacity levels to achieve the desired look. Include witty captions to describe your time together and soundtracks of music you both enjoy to accompany your content. 

Give a speech.

You can write a short script highlighting how they’ve always been there for you, matured through the years, or about random events. The aim is to reflect on smiles and frowns and share inside jokes between the two of you that made everyone laugh.

Share a video.

You can include a video of you two doing something fun, for example, dancing, singing karaoke, or engaging in an activity. It could also be a video of an embarrassing moment involving the two of you. Whatever the circumstances, remember to explain verbally or in writing how that made you feel.   

Make an animated video. 

Exercise your creativity and imagination by leveraging animated characters provided by Doratoon to put a smile on their face. This applies to everybody but has a more significant impact on the younger generation. Animations provide rich media by which to cut through the noise to communicate your message.

Film Reel birthday story.

Add Instagram reels combining snippets of unique birthday wishes from family and friends. Have everyone share unique details and memories to make the birthday boy/girl feel special. Doratoon makes it easy to merge and edit the footage to the ideal Instagram size and add transitions.


Without a doubt, there are endless ideas to help you make the day memorable for the wonderful people in your life. The only challenge is finding a convenient and accessible tool to actualize their imagination. With a free and dynamic tool like Doratoon, you can easily apply the above ideas to your video or develop your own within minutes.     







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