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Why Copenhagen is really one of the best spots to visit in Europe

There are many amazing spots around Europe and it can be hard to decide where to go but if you visit Denmark you are in for a treat. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is one of the most impressive cities in Europe. So what makes it so special?

The football atmosphere

Not only does the stadium in Copenhagen, Parkren, host FC Copenhagen for their home games but it also hosts Denmark home games for their European games. It most recently hosted games at the delayed European Championships. The stadium is easily accessible by underground system and the fans are a welcoming bunch who can certainly make a noise. Before you go make sure you check the best betting apps to get the best odds on FC Copenhagen.


When you see images of Copenhagen you see that of colourful houses and water. You may wonder what this area is but it is Nyhavn. The iconic part of the city has a rich history with maritime and is also home to several houses of fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

Now the area can be a bit of a tourist trap for drinks and food but nonetheless on a warm day it can be one of the most beautiful places grab a cold one and watch the world go by with people bustling all around the area.


There are not many places where people are friendlier than in Copenhagen. For a capital city it is distinctly remarkable how friendly people are in assisting with your enquiry, chatting about normal things or even having a challenging (but fair) debate. With no jay walking allowed in the city and very little cars, people are considerate of one another if an accident happens.

Tivoli Gardens

For all the thrill seekers out there, Copenhagen offers some of the best rides available for the theme park enthusiast. The family friendly park is more than just rides with a wonderful steampunk vibe crossed with an oldy worldy theme. The theme park inspired parks such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Disneyland.

With it being located right in the heart of the city, Tivoli is impossible to miss and is complete escapism in the city centre.

Little Mermaid

As Hans Christian Andersen is one of the most famous ex residents it is only right that a statue recogisning his work is represented in the city. Having written the fairytale long before the Walt Disney Company made it into a film, there is a statue of the Little Mermaid in the city located in water. Unveiled on 23 August 1913, The Little Mermaid was a gift from Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen to the City of Copenhagen.

Art and culture

Copenhagen is aesthetically beautiful and that translates into the world of its museums and galleries. With the national gallery located in the city and the likes of the contemporary art gallery, people flock from all over to visit the exhibitions.

For a more alternative look at culture in Copenhagen, there is always the free town of Christiania where there is an anything goes attitude which can be something some people would squirm at or others can embrace.

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