No matter whether you were attacked by someone’s dog or were hurt in a car crash in Bridgeport, you have to consider all legal ways to recover money, which will help tackle the losses. Personal injury lawsuits are inherently complicated, and because you are required to provide evidence, the process gets challenging in no time. Regardless of whether you were liable for the mishap or have a role in the circumstances, it is best to hire a Bridgeport personal injury attorney. Here are some essential details worth noting.

You can meet an attorney for FREE

Yes, you read that right. Most law firms in Connecticut don’t demand a fee or charge a consultation amount for reviewing injury claims. You can choose a top lawyer, visit them in person, and discuss the prospects. Make sure to go prepared, where you have your medical bills, available evidence, and other details in a sorted file. The lawyer will check the initial information to give you a fair and transparent overview of the situation and whether your injury claim is worth pursuing.

Your lawyer will work on contingency

Many people don’t wish to engage an attorney because they are concerned about the upfront fee. For personal injury lawsuits, that’s not the norm. Law firms charge on a contingency basis, which means the attorneys get a share of the recovery only after clients win. The contingency percentage could vary, but 33% is the typical norm for most cases. Even if the lawyer has worked extensively and spent hours on your lawsuit, their fee is still dependent on the outcome.

Lawyers have experience; you don’t

Expertise is everything when fighting an injury lawsuit. You cannot expect to learn everything on the go. With years of experience working on similar cases with comparable circumstances, lawyers know what it takes to give the best shot. They also know how insurance companies haggle with claimants and downplay injuries. If the insurance amount is too low or insufficient to cover the losses, they will file a lawsuit and take the matter before the jury.

Find local firms in your city

You will find numerous lawyers in Bridgeport, but always choose one who has an extensive understanding of cases close to yours. Check the ratings, look into the attorney’s profile, and don’t step back from asking for references. A great lawyer will ensure you don’t end up accepting the first offer from the claims adjuster, which is never adequate.


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