A jerry can is probably the last thing that comes to mind while preparing for an extended road trip or a long camping vacation. However, it’s one of the many travel essentials that can make your trip a resounding success or epic failure. 

Jerry cans serve numerous purposes, especially for off-grid travelers. You can use these specialty containers to store extra fuel, water, and other useful liquids. 

One of the worst experiences for road trippers is running out of gas in the middle of nowhere. It’s only worse if you also run out of drinking water while road-tripping in the height of summer’s excruciating heat. 

Like most travel essentials, jerry cans come with certain accessories. We’ll narrow down this article to the four best jerry can accessories worth investing in.

3D rendering of a red jerry can isolated.

1. Lid

A lid is arguably the most important jerry can accessory you can ever invest in. It’s ironically the most commonly overlooked, perhaps because nearly all new jerry cans come lidded. 

The primary role of a jerry can lid is to seal the top opening. A lid prevents the container from accidentally spilling out its contents. This can be particularly useful while off-roading, where hitting a slight bump can easily cause an unsecured jerry can to fall over and empty its contents. 

But why do you need to seal a jerry can in the first place? 

First, securing the contents of your jerry can is an ingenious way to avoid unnecessary expenses. A lidded container reduces the risks of spending twice on fuel or water. 

Inadvertently spilling the contents of a jerry can also cause a mess in your car before the liquid dries out. That’s another reason to invest in a jerry can lid. 

Besides, the chemicals in petroleum products can harm your respiratory health if inhaled. A jerry can lid helps lock the smell within the container. 

You want to begin by picking a lead that matches the container in size and color. This helps achieve uniformity while sorting your jerry cans. 

It’s also important to check the lid’s sealing technology. Options here include screw lids, clam lids, and clip-on lids.

Red plastic petrol can isolated with transparent background

2. Spout

A spout is a tubular jerry accessory that allows you to carefully empty the container. Its functions generally overlap with those of jerry can lids. 

Jerry can spouts help prevent splashing while emptying the container. This can further reduce the mess that would otherwise result from liquid spilling on the ground or in your car. 

Spouts are so engineered that they make it almost impossible to spill liquids. They sport a thick design that improves liquid flow rate and a vent at the back that prevents backflow due to pressure accumulation. 

A jerry can spout also helps to drain the container’s entire contents. That’s due to their ability to reach the bottom of the can. All you need to do is bend the spout, and you’ll empty the entire liquid without risking spillage. 

Spouts reduce the evaporation of petroleum fumes, too. Besides, they’re highly compatible with several jerry can sizes and designs. 

3. Holder/Carrier

A jerry can carrier, also known as a holder, is a special compartment that holds your jerry can in place. While a lid and spout prevent the contents of a jerry can from spilling out through the top opening, a carrier prevents the entire container from falling over by holding it firmly in place. 

Size is one of the key considerations when choosing a jerry can holder. 

Not only should the carrier be long enough to cover the height of the container you intend on using it with. Its surface area should also be big enough to support the container’s base. The goal is to ensure your jerry can fit snugly into the holder while leaving considerable breathing room. 

Jerry can carriers also come in different compartments, depending on the number of containers they can accommodate. These accessories are typically designed to hold two to four containers. 

Most importantly, insist on jerry can holders designed with full metal construction for extended durability. As an add-on, the carrier should have a lockable top strap to minimize theft. 

A Vintage American Military Vehicle Petrol Gas Can.

4. Mounting

This isn’t technically a Jerry Can accessory. However, bringing a jerry can on board is almost impossible without making provisions for the mounting area. 

The good news is that there are numerous places you can mount a jerry can on your car. 

One of the best jerry can mounting ideas is to attach it to a spare tire. Simply bolt the container into the tire rim, and you’re ready. 

Another common jerry can mounting area is the space between the driver’s side mirror and side wheel. This option works best for cars with bigger fenders, like most off-roaders. 

But if you’re the driver and consider this mounting location somewhat distracting, you might want to mount the container next to the passenger’s side mirror instead. 

Alternatively, you could even go for the front grill between the headlights. Other common areas include the rear side window and roof rack. 

Red Gas Can Close Up

Final Word

Jerry cans are a travel essential for any camper or road tripper. However, the performance of these containers depends primarily on the quality of their accessories. 

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the insights you need to invest in the best jerry can accessory.


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