First aid is given to the person who has gone through some health emergency or some sudden injury. Before taking him to the hospital, or before the arrival of an ambulance, such a person needs immediate care and help to make him less stressed.

In most emergency situations, the victim has to wait for some time for the ambulance to arrive. In the meantime, if there is some person present at the place of the incident who has got first aid training or knowledge, then he can be very helpful to the victim.

According to the definition, the initial care or medical help given to a sick or injured person is called first aid. Anyone can get first aid training and can become helpful to others. However, the misconception about first aid training is that many people think that medical professionals can have this training only. This is not true; anyone can learn this basic life skill.

First aid is very important as it can help to save people’s lives. If you are a busy person then you can also opt for online certification courses and get yourself enrolled in any of the online programs.

Types of First Aid for Different Situations

There are many different types of emergencies that can happen. Emergencies are inevitable. That is why each situation is handled in a different way and the first aid provided is also different for one injury from the other.

Some of the common situations in which first aid is implemented are listed below.

·         Fractures and Sprains

A fracture is a broken bone whereas sprains are a result of ligament or tendon injuries that are present inside the joints. Fractures are often more painful and need immediate medical attention. In most cases, fractures need an x-ray to locate the exact point of injury. Sprains are mostly less severe and heal on their own with simple first-aid treatments. Such injuries need special attention and should be handled very carefully while providing first aid.

·         Wounds

Wounds are injuries due to which the skin is cut or opened. In this case, first aid treatment depends on the type of wound and the cause of that injury causing the wound. For example, wounds could be caused by fire, sharp objects, falling, piercings, etc. each of these wounds is given a first aid treatment according to the severity of the injury and the source of the wound.

·         Animal or Insect Bites

Some animal bites can be very harmful and can even prove to be fatal. That is why animal bites should always be handled by a medical professional only. Insect bites can cause allergies or could be poisonous as well. The first aid treatment for animal or insect bite depends on the type of animal or insect.

·         Heat Strokes/ Frostbites

Extreme temperatures can cause health emergencies. Extreme hot temperatures can cause heat strokes which can also be fatal. Similarly, extremely cold temperature can cause a frostbite. Different first aid treatment has been suggested for heat strokes and frostbites.

Importance of First Aid Knowledge

There is no doubt about the importance of first aid knowledge and training. However, there are some basic and common reasons that show the significance of first aid knowledge in a better way.

1.             Helps to Relieve Pain

First aid is important because it helps to reduce the pain and suffering of the victim. When a person suffers from some kind of health emergency or an injury, then he becomes stressed and panicked. In this scenario, if there is some professional with first aid training present at the spot of the incident, then it could prove very helpful for the victim.

2.             Helps to Save Medical Expenses

Another important benefit of first aid is that it can help you to reduce your medical expenses. When a person suffers from an emergency, then the first and immediate care provided is of great significance. If the victim gets the right treatment at the right time, then his condition can be saved from worsening. Many health conditions or injuries even settle down with the first aid treatment and the victim does not need to be taken to the hospital. In this way, much expense can be saved by providing first aid.

3.             Alleviate Confidence and Sense of Safety

First aid can also help to build confidence in the person who gets first aid training. When a person knows different procedures and treatments to help people in need, then he becomes confident enough that he is able to help others in times of need.

When there are people with first aid training present around you, then you feel safer. Therefore, many institutes, companies, and offices now focus to have more people with first aid training so that the employees will feel safe.

4.             More Job Opportunities

First aid helps to create more job opportunities. There are many jobs that require you to be a first-aid-certified person. If you have first aid training, then you can get the job. This means there will be more job opportunities for you if you are a first-aid-certified person.

5.             Improves Recovery

Another advantage of first aid training is that it can help to reduce the recovery time of the victim. For example, if there is a person suffering from excessive bleeding and you help to control the bleeding by using first aid procedures, then the recovery time of the patient will be reduced and he can also recover fast. However, with extreme blood loss, there could be complications, and the victim’s recovery could also be delayed.

Final Words

First aid training and knowledge are very important for individuals so that they can be helpful to society. They cannot only help others but also become helpful for themselves if they suffer from some kind of health emergency or injury. More people should focus on getting first aid training so that they can get all the benefits first aid can offer us.


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