Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of customer retention and as such, by far the most effective way of ensuring your print company’s ratings and reviews of a stellar quality and the awareness of your brand is wholly positive, is to focus on improving customer satisfaction levels.

With that being said, here are three key ways of increasing customer satisfaction for your print business.

     1.  Work Out What Your Customers Expect 

First and foremost, the old adage that you should under promise and over deliver, whilst advisable in most other situations, is not entirely applicable to the world of business, especially when you are looking to boost your company’s levels of customer satisfaction.

Fundamentally, this is due to the simple fact that you need your print business to be the one that new and potential customers and clients choose over your competitors, which means you have to both promise them the world; and deliver it too. 

Working out what your customers expect from the transaction is a surefire way of tailoring the advertising and order satisfaction processes to better target the needs of the client (making them happier and more satisfied as a result). 

     2.  Value, Value, Value!

Part and parcel of staying alongside and even ahead of your closest industry competitors is to become and (crucially) remain relevant, which is another key reason why print businesses need new customers in order to keep them fresh and up to date with the products and services in-demand. 

Value is much less of a definable commodity than you may think and as such, you need to reframe your thinking about what value means for the customer as it may have an entirely different meaning for you as the owner of your print business. 

These days, the idea of value is much less closely associated with price when it comes to your customers views on the products and services you offer, and is instead loosely based around (for the most part anyway) the idea that the more you pay, the greater quality you will receive.

Obviously, there are always exceptions to this rule, but basically make sure you do not undervalue yourself and set too-low price points for your printing services, as long as you are fully confident in the high quality of production.

     3.  Reframe Your Thinking Around Customer Complaints 

The third and final priority, having dedicated your time and a portion of your capital in increasing the level of customer satisfaction, is to reframe your thinking around what happens when you receive a customer complaint or criticism.

The phrase ‘the customer is always right’ is only accurate when wanting to do everything you can to help the customer; but in reality, everyone knows, especially with online reviews, that some people just complain for the sake of complaining.

However, it is often hard to identify the difference between a genuine incident and such a review, so make sure that you start to treat each complaint with respect and with a view to changing and improving the particular element the issue is based around.


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